Life in Colors

Saura Art is one of the oldest tribal art form of India. The Sauras are one of India’s oldest tribes, inhabiting the southern part of Odisha. They are deeply connected with nature and used the art form to depict their everyday life in the form of simple figures on the walls of their house. Though simplistic in appearance, it is rich in symbolism and meaning and conveys their true culture, customs and history. Saura art appears similar to Warli because of similar geometrical shapes and earthen colors but the two artforms are different from the composition of the forms to the pattern in which they are placed.


This artwork depicts the village life using small figures and vibrant colors. Images of people dancing, drumming, hunting, riding on horse, carrying the load, and also elephants, with intermittent borders as well as symmetrical double borders on all the four sides in different colors have added to the beauty of the overall piece


The artwork is a reminder of the value of simple living that we often forget in the wild maze of life. Simple things are beautiful in their own way and bring stillness in the race of life.

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