About Me

Expression is the most basic need and a magnificent ability of human beings. 

I use words and colors to express my thoughts, views, emotions and the world around me.

I am Vandana Bhasin, an ex-banker turned writer, author, editor and artist based out of Gurgaon, India. 

Writing and art are therapeutic and meditative for me. My calling for writing lead me to a new journey in 2016. A Postgraduate in Commerce, and a Cost and Works Accountant (ICWAI) by qualification, finance was a natural career choice for me which led me to banking. I unleashed my creative side when I discovered my love for quilling verses. You can also find me weaving tales and voicing views on social issues on various online platforms. My writing has been honoured and awarded by multiple literary platforms. You can find my accolades here.

I published my poetry book “Roads- A Journey with Verses” with a co-author in 2019. My poems are published in more than two dozen anthologies at national and international levels.

I am the Editor of the online literary and arts magazine, ALSphere which is an initiative of Asian Literary Society, a community with over 1 lakh members.

My journey as an artist began in 2020 and it became a way of life in no time. Over a period of three years, I learned more than thirty artforms including traditional Indian artforms and a few International artforms like Russian, Mexican and African art. I now share my learning and skills as a Council Member of WICCI Arts Haryana Council.

Mandala and Zentangle inspired works are close to my heart. Besides these, I enjoy creating Madhubani, Kalamkari, Warli, Saura, Gond, Coffee painting, African art, and mixed media with acrylic and watercolors.

I like depth in my work and each of my artworks reveals a tale of its own.  My soulful creations are the result of thoughtful, intricate motifs & patterns, and vibrant colors. I would be happy to create customized artworks with a blend of any artform and words written exclusively for you or your loved ones.

You can also reach out to me for editing assignments.

Welcome to my world where emotions speak in vivid forms!  

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