“You cannot use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” – Maya Angelou


In a bid to augment my creativity, and share my knowledge, skills and experience, I offer following services:



An editor’s work brings about the much needed bird’s-eye view to your writing. Editing may mean restructuring the document to make it more interesting and appealing, or simply smoothening the edges. I can help you with both. 

I have been the editor of online magazine, ALSphere for almost an year and have edited numerous poems, stories and articles. Besides fiction, I would be glad to work on digital content for websites.  


Content writing

Having worked in BFSI domain for almost a decade, I have a flair for writing official, statutory and regulatory documents. My finance background assists in a clear and deeper understanding of financial terminology. You can connect with me for curating informative content, blogs exhibiting thought leadership or company values, or website related content.  


Customized artworks and artefacts

An artist not only puts his emotions and imagination in every artwork but also a piece of his heart. I believe that everyone who appreciates art is also an artist at heart. 

I would be happy to give shape and colors to your desire and imagination. If you like any of my artworks and wish to customize it in any manner, or get a personalized artwork/ artefact done for yourself or your loved ones, please feel free to reach out to me. Art has no boundaries and we can explore it together!


Designing Book Covers

Being both, a writer and an artist, gives me an edge for designing book covers as well as art inlays to represent your writing. I have designed book cover for the book titled “When Fire Spoke to Water” published by Ukiyoto Publishers. 

Nine of my artworks have been used in the book “Art Bliss” published by Literatureslight Publishing House.

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