Dancing Away Our Woes

Dancing Away Our Woes

Warli folk art is a form of tribal art done by tribal people in the northern region of the Sahyadri Range.

Warli art focuses on Mother Nature and its various elements. The art is identified by its simplicity in shapes, use of single white colour, minimum tools and creation of beautiful motifs by using simple lines, triangles, squares, circles and dots to form numerous shapes depicting life and beliefs of the Warli tribe. The beautiful yet delicate geometric patterns of flowers, hunting scenes, farming, wedding rituals, and daily activities bring the painting alive.

Warli paintings depict a sense of uniformity in people and highlight close social relationships within their community. A Warli painting can also be a visual narration of their traditional stories.

The artwork here comprises of six miniature paintings (mostly revolving around the Tarpa dance of the community), depicting different ways in which Warli art uses different motifs to present a visual story.

Practising this art form proved quite calming as the simplicity of patterns and color allowed me to simplify the complexity of thoughts in my mind. This in turn realigned my mind to look for simplicity in everyday matters of life.



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