Eternal Harmony

Eternal Harmony

The beauty and depth of this artwork is beyond expression. A Mandala always brings an aura of calmness and peace around it but the amount of depth, interconnectedness and uniqueness this piece carries, makes it even more tranquil and alluring.

This interlocked mandala contains two identical mandalas which are joined together representing the correlation of our lives to the lives of people around us. No matter how similar or dissimilar our lives are, they are always intertwined in some respect or the other, inching towards eternal harmony. The presence of subtle metallic shades has added to the charm of this piece. I wanted to add shades of Earth and sky so I used blue, yellow and green.

It can be customised with colors of your choice. Click here to place your order.

The term mandala translates to “circle (mandal)” in Sanskrit. Carl Jung believed that mandala is the key to self-understanding and self-acceptance. It helps in knowing one’s self more clearly, recognize unhealthy thoughts and behaviors, and move closer to the center of one’s actual being, leaving behind the various illusions of the self which clouded and confined one’s psychological and spiritual vision.

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