Eight Ways

Mandalas are known to heal and bring clarity of thought. They bring calmness in times of stress. Creating a mandala is a beautiful experience and creating this piece of art was truly meditative for me.


The artwork here is a thoughtful creation of open mandala (no visible circles) with exactly 8 petals in each ring, starting from innermost small petals to the outermost pattern. Intricate patterns in each of the petals make this piece more special. The number 8 represents victory, prosperity and overcoming. An eight-spoke wheel also called ‘Wheel of Dharma’ represents eightfold path used to represent Buddhism.


The term mandala translates to “circle (mandal)” in Sanskrit. Carl Jung believed that mandala is the key to self-understanding and self-acceptance. It helps in knowing one’s self more clearly, recognize unhealthy thoughts and behaviors, and move closer to the center of one’s actual being, leaving behind the various illusions of the self which clouded and confined one’s psychological and spiritual vision.


This artwork will be made to order as the one in picture was a practice piece done on cartridge paper. Contact here to order or customise this.

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