Beyond Prosaic

Beyond Prosaic

The term ‘Mandala’ evokes feelings of tranquillity and balance. Creating a mandala is truly an inward journey. It helps me introspect, and also calms down the chaos and complexity of thoughts in my mind.

The term mandala translates to “circle (mandal)” in Sanskrit and the circle is the most common form of a mandala but a mandala may also be a square enclosing a circle or a series of circles, a square alone, a circle enclosing an image (such as a star or flower), or a rectangle enclosing a circle and so on.

The artwork here is unique in its form as it is vertical and it encapsulates multiple small mandala rings around one big mandala while maintaining the balance and symmetry between corresponding mandalas on each side. With border on all four sides and background highlighted in copper, this mandala is alluring in every way.

Creating this piece of mandala was like breaking the monotony and traversing a different path to the same place. Shouldn’t we all practice this approach more often in our lives? This artwork can be a reminder to you whenever you are stuck in the mundane!

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