Ananta Ganesha

Ananta Ganesha

Ganesha or Ganapati, meaning “Lord of the People,” is one of the most worshipped Gods in Hinduism. With the head of the elephant and the body of the human, Lord Ganesha is believed to remove obstacles blocking new projects and is traditionally worshipped before any major enterprise. He is considered the energy from which everything manifests and into which everything will dissolve. Lord Ganesha is believed to be:

Achintya – beyond thought
Avyakta – beyond expression
Ananta – eternal

The artwork in acrylic is done on canvas, and it shows the eternal Lord Ganesha in a blessing pose. The presence of Ganesha is considered auspicious and I could feel the positivity reining my space while I was creating this artwork.

Ganesha is known to remove obstacles from the way and bring success wherever He resides. Bring this artistic artwork of religious significance to your place to receive the blessings of the Almighty!

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