Tanka: Fear

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  • lillian

    Much to be said in these few words. I’ve always loved the tanka form. The idea of conquering our fears….hiding…..ignoring opportunities….If we do these things, we lose so much of our potent selves. Well said. May we all reach out a bit today and reap the benefits of community. 🙂 Thanks for posting to the prompt!

    • Feelings and Freedom

      Thanks for your wonderful words Lillian. Our fears have the ability of bringing out the worst and we easily get swayed by these. So focusing on opportunities is must to live life. Thanks again.

  • Frank Hubeny

    Fears do seem to ridicule life although it is sometimes hard to get past them.

    • Feelings and Freedom

      Yes they certainly do and it’s quite difficult to overcome them but we must always keep trying. Thanks Frank.

  • Colleen Chesebro

    I love this Tanka poem. It’s something I needed to read today. Well done, my friend. <3

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