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  • mitadaur

    Beautifully written Vandana. I liked that poetic description that you wrote. I totally agree that everyone needs to go on the self discovery route. I got rejuvenated because of that. I came to know about my writing skills through self discovery. It’s sometimes a hard process but the results are well worth it. So I am trying to give myself more such moments.

    It’s an excellent topic that you have chosen and it’s a wonderful start. Keep going!

    • Feelings and Freedom

      Thanks for your ever encouraging words Raja! Even I discovered the writer inside me through self-discovery. It’s a great tool for extracting more out of your life and enjoying it whole heartedly. All the best to you for more of such moments. May you be blessed soon enough 🙂

  • Sudhir Suvarna

    A very similar thought here, Vandana. And, Aries get bored with one career often. They move on from one to the other. I start with great excitement but lose interest mid-way.
    I wish to see more of your writings in your journey of self-discovery.

    • Feelings and Freedom

      Well, I have also hopped on many assignments but my reasons have been different though..hope to catch up soon on self-discovery

  • Sangbad

    it’s an intriguing and great post…will you prefer to have a guest post on our blog. I had written two on the line of something like this…if you want you can check the Talks & Conversation section under Let’s Talk section at my blog Thoughts of Words…

    • Feelings and Freedom

      Thanks Sangbad! I really appreciate your kind words. I went through your ‘Let’s Talk’ section. It’s quite interesting. We can certainly connect for guest post. What topic is of interest to you? I am good at writing any kind of motivational read 😉

      • Sangbad

        Your comment on About got trashed due to wrong steps on keyboard…thanks for the appreciation…I’ll let you know which topic I would like to have from you as Guest Post…

          • yes…there’s shortcut key to delete a comment…I had done that by mistake..

  • Letters That Matter

    Very well written!!!

    Check out my blog also to experience the magic of letters!!!

    Hope you will like it!!!

    • Feelings and Freedom

      Thanks for your kind words. You have a great blog too. Liked the poetry of both of you! Thanks for stopping by and following 🙂

  • Bernadette

    Lovely post Vandana. So happy to meet you.

    • Feelings and Freedom

      Thanks Bernadette. Delighted to connect with you. I loved your blog. Look forward to reading your posts! Thanks for following 🙂

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