Poem: I forgot to live

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  • DeepikasRamblings

    Yes, vandana. Very well put across. We often look back and feel, this is not how I wanted to live… Could relate to it.

  • boundlessblessingsblog

    So beautifully written, Vandana and such a nostalgic effect plus all what we have gone thru our lives in such a short and simple moving poem. Great.

  • Fortunately Human

    yes…we have forgotten to live….we just live to die one day…..what a pity…..

  • glimmersofsilver

    Beautifully written and relate-able by so many women. We spend so much time living for others.

  • Sheetal Bhardwaj

    Simply written yet a beautiful poem depicting the harsh reality in today’s era. People are so engrossed in collecting the means to live that they simply forget to live. Loved it Vandana. Amazing work indeed. 🙂

  • manju571

    True one!!!!!Sadly yes,we loose every moment of life thinking about future and when looking back we regret what has happened.The choice of words very well suit for the scenarios described.A diversified post:)

    • Feelings and Freedom

      Thank you so much for your loving words! Apologies for delayed response…was off WP for last few days.

  • Listen to your Heart

    Very well written Vandana … I think lots of us just go through the motions of life and just not realizing it very meaningful poem

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