World Poetry on Let There be Peace

World Poetry on Let There be Peace

An excerpt from my poem ‘Let Peace Rein the World’ published in the anthology:


Peace is a state of mind

Peace is engrained in belief

Peace thrives on optimism

The insights we fail to reprieve


Let’s seek peace within our soul

Before exploring it in outer world

Let’s follow Buddha and Gandhi

And trail their eternal wisdom


About the Book

Life and Peace are interlinked and inseparable. To prepare a healthy environment to live in, Peace is a powerful weapon that needs all its dimensions maintained and preserved not to limited perspectives, but throughout the globe at every place. To serve this purpose, renowned poets and scholars at world level have expressed their views in poetic form to make an alignment with Life, Development and Peace. Each poem contains a message leading to the strategy, desired efforts for the World Peace and to bring a social change.

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