Lyrical Dewdrops- An Anthology of Poems

Lyrical Dewdrops- An Anthology of Poems

This book has five of my poems that were adjudged as winning poems for weekly contests organised by ALS. The poems are titled as:

  • Caged bird
  • Beyond Darkness I rejuvenated
  • Doctors- Saviours of our lives
  • An Enthralling Tale of Lovers
  • Silver Streak of Life


An excerpt from my poem titled “Beyond Darkness I rejuvenated”:


Scraping and peeling darkness layer by layer

I questioned my qualms, I challenged my fears

Probing the veracity of my own thoughts

Beyond darkness, I witnessed a sea of myths and faults


An excerpt from my poem titled “Caged Bird”:


You care for my body and you feed and nourish me

But do you care for my heart or the feelings within

You seized my progeny, my identity and my sky

Am I truly a bird if I’m not allowed to fly

About the book:

Lyrical Dewdrops is a splendid collection of prize-winning poems of ALS Weekly Poetry Contests, penned by many gifted and prolific poets from all over the world. These soulful verses, expressing the entire spectrum of human emotions have the pleasant fragrance of poise, elegance, and thoughtfulness. Asian Literary Society’s Lyrical Dewdrops is a kaleidoscope of exquisite poems that would hold the readers’ heart and soul spellbound with their enchanting beauty.

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