The World of Social Media Shortcuts

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  • kishanlakhotia

    बहुत बढिया लिखा है। अब तो ऐसी शोर्टकट स्थिति होगयी है कि एक ही घर में रहने वाले लोग आमने-सामने कोई भी सुभेच्छा देने की जगह मेसेज का
    शोर्टकट उपयोग कर लेते हैं।

    • Feelings and Freedom

      बिल्कुल सही कहा आपने। अब बात काम और मैसेज ज़्यादा होता है। टेक्नोलॉजी ने दूर वालों को पास को दूर कर दिया है। धन्यवाद।

  • Hypercryptical

    It is a worrying thing, perhaps as texted speech abbreviations become the norm, eventually we will relinquish the power of speech.
    I never text, preferring to speak instead.
    Anna :o]

    • Feelings and Freedom

      I agree. The abbreviations are not restricted to just messages but have become part of speech. And more and more people are getting used to them day by day. Thanks for your insight Anna!

  • MNL

    laughing, I loved this cuz it’s so true. But the tiny little phones with their tiny little keys – it is so much easier to tap out an acronym than to type out words. Me? I’d rather meet up for coffee and a chat so I don’t text.

    • Feelings and Freedom

      Well, I know it’s much easier..they save time, effort and that’s why they are called shortcuts but somehow they seem to create a if the person isn’t really interested in a discussion and just doing it out of obligation…or maybe I am being too sensitive 🙂
      And, yes nothing compares to a chat over coffee 🙂 I am glad you liked it!

  • MNL

    I find it’s not so much that text/email creates a distance as texts are shallow by default. Texts need to be short, light and breezy because misunderstandings happen more easily in text and texts have character limits. Talking in person, you have tone of voice, eye contact and body language as part of the conversation. Writing out Happy Birthday instead of HB isn’t the problem really. Shortcuts actually lets people say more because texts have limits. At least they thought of you on your birthday. Problem is really if the person feels texting is enough without spending the time with a person close to their birthday. I don’t text local friends except to make plans to meet. You cannot have a good discussion in text even with the help of shortcuts. We will talk when we see each other. That reminds me, it’s my friend’s birthday this week, I better text her to see if she wants to go out to eat together.

    • Feelings and Freedom

      Replacing texts with personal conversation is something I do not like doing myself. Reactions to one’s words can only be judged by meeting in person. Have a great weekend dear 🙂

  • Frank Hubeny

    Some of these abbreviations I know. I didn’t know Congo and a bunch of others.

    • Feelings and Freedom

      Oh there are hundreds of these..I googled and the list was long 🙂 Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend Frank!

  • Feelings and Freedom

    This new generation drives me mad with their acronyms. I have to Google most of the time 🙂 Thanks dear Smitha. I truly appreciate your effort of reading, commenting and encouraging 🙂

  • Grace

    I use it only for text but use formal and complete sentences when its an office email or talking to a loved one. A little effort goes a long way.

    • Feelings and Freedom

      Yes. A little effort goes a long way! Sometimes, our loved ones need to hear loving words which these shortcuts may not be able to fulfil! Thanks Grace

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