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  • pamkirst2014

    Beautiful and very timely. Love, “…in the company of solitude…”

  • daninmaya

    I understand your feelings all too well – night haunts me – the light is always shining but sometimes you/I can’t see it.

    • Feelings and Freedom

      True! We just miss the light and prefer to remain in darkness. But hope to see a ray of light soon! Thank you and stay safe !

  • pranabaxom

    That’s what is the root of problem” – thrive, not survive. Alas, as a species we are programmed to survival. Darwin Theory of Evolution “Survival of the fittest” needs to be reworded.

    • Feelings and Freedom

      So true! I’ve been thinking about Darwin’s theory everyday these days 🙂 Thanks for reading

  • Geri Lawhon

    A truly wonderfully written poem for the times we are now going through. Thanks for the post.

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