Tree of Life


Kalamkari ‘Tree of Life’ with 10 peacocks on the tree. A unique representation of life in traditional Indian art form.

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The word ‘Kalamkari’ translates to ‘pen craft’ where ‘kalam’ means pen and ‘kari’ translates to work. This vibrant art dates back to over 3000 B.C. As per historians, cloth samples portraying Kalamkari art were discovered at the archaeological sites of Mohenjo-Daro. During the Mughal era, this style of painting gained massive recognition and during the 18th century, it was promoted as decorative artwork. The skillful art form involves 23 meticulous steps involving, bleaching, washing, drawing, dyeing, etc.

Kalamkari art, mainly done in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India, has two main styles- the Srikalahasti style and the Machilipatnam style.

This piece of art done on high-quality paper represents the “Tree of Life” which is an interesting concept in itself. While deeply rooted in the earth and escalating towards the sky, it indicates an irrefutable connection of life between the earth and the sky. The painting contains 10 peacocks artistically placed on various branches of the tree, some hidden within leaves, some easily visible to the eyes. These peacocks can mean different roles or relations that keep our journey of life moving on this earth as we progress each day towards our life in heaven, in the sky.

This uniquely artistic piece is handmade using premium-quality pens and acrylic colors and can augment the décor of your living room, your coffee lounge, and even your workplace.

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Dimensions 8.25 × 11.75 in


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