Blessings of the Universe


‘Flower of Life’ Mandala with intrinsic mandala patterns. 

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Mandalas come in vivid forms but symbol like the ‘Flower of Life’ is a complex structure featuring dozens of circles arranged in an overlapping design. This incredible pattern is created with nineteen overlapping circles creating an image of perfectly symmetrical flowers.


The ‘Flower of Life’ symbol is one of the most fascinating geometric symbols of Sacred Geometry which is believed to depict the fundamental forms of space and time and that all life is part of a divine, geometric plan. This special symbol represents the cycle of life and is also known as the blueprint of the universe, containing the basis for the design of every atom, molecular structure, life form and everything in existence. There are many who believe that if one begins to understand the Flower Of Life, one can understand the complex inner and outer workings of the Universe. This ancient symbol that is considered sacred in multiple cultures around the world, demonstrates that all consciousness arises from one source represented by the first circle.


This artwork uses the ‘Flower of Life’ as the centrepiece and builds upon various mandala rings (10 rings of pattern and 11 colored rings) that extend in continuation to the ends of the paper in perfect symmetry. Each ring of intricate pattern is alternated with a small colored ring of blue/ golden. This thoughtful and creative artwork is not only a masterpiece of artistic excellence and balance, but also has deeper spiritual connotation. As an artist, creating this piece amounted to uncountable number of hours and took me to the depths of my ‘being’ but the completion of each ring brought immense joy in my heart. By the time I signed it off, I was exhilarated beyond words and had fallen in love with this artwork. I still can’t take my eyes off this one, every time I look at it.


This artwork would be made to order as it is or you can contact me to get it customised as per your color choice or the size of the artwork. This masterpiece will not only add to the aesthetics of your home but also bring deep, positive energy of the Universe to your surroundings.


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Dimensions 16.5 × 11.75 in


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