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  • paul scribbles

    Lots of interesting juxtapositions in the poem. Nicely done.

  • lillian

    It’s dark and raining outside this morning in Boston….and I am struck by these words:
    ‘”When the real “You” aspires to flee the rein”
    That use of the word “rein” says so much here.
    Well done.

    • Feelings and Freedom

      Thanks Lillian. I am glad you found it interesting. Don’t we all want to escape the force of reins at times…hope you enjoy the rain 🙂

  • Sangbad

    Not so easy to say said in easiest way…well done…

      • Sangbad

        Yehi tha…bas kaam likh rahahun…reader kam hone jane se…

        • Feelings and Freedom

          you should write because you want to write…for yourself… not for others or keeping readership in mind. Also, the only way to engage readers is to write more often. That’s just my perspective though. You write well and lack of readership shouldn’t affect your writing.

          • Actually it has… especially after one of poems doesn’t got response for a whole 2 days before I posted it for a prompt…and then it has become sort of trend…so I write twice or thrice a week… sometimes two in a day…like this morning posted two…

          • Don’t worry…it’ll pick up. Hope you are responding to the posts of other bloggers. People reciprocate quickly in blogging community 🙂 I’m headed to your blog!

          • Yes… it’s near to 1 year I still maintain this skimming through others posts for half an hour or so

          • Your number of followers has tremendously risen. I think you’re doing just great!

          • Yes… maybe…daily on average 1 new follower…

  • Frank Hubeny

    The mask may even be to convince the one wearing it that’s it’s real.

  • Mish

    I like this a lot. It’s funny how so many don’t realize the transparency of the masks they wear. I think we are all guilty of it….just some more than others. Thanks for joining in.

    • Feelings and Freedom

      I agree. We are all guilty of it..wearing different masks to suit ourselves. I enjoyed writing for this prompt. Thanks Mish 🙂

    • Feelings and Freedom

      I agree. People who are secretive or oppressive wear masks all the time. Thanks for your input Bjorn!

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