Poem: I lost myself

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  • kim881

    The link between waves and emotions fascinates me – the sea is a much used metaphor, which never loses its impact, with poets finding new ways to express it. and here you write ‘ thunderous waves never plundered my spirits’ – an original way to convey the emptiness of pain.

    • Feelings and Freedom

      Sea has always been my favourite. No matter how many times I’ve written about it, I still find it refreshing and deep as the sea itself. I am glad you could relate to it. Thanks Kim.

  • D-Claire

    That first stanza is masterful with the in-line rhymes. Oh, just glorious.

    • Feelings and Freedom

      True! The wounds of betrayal take time to heal. Thanks for your views. Have a great weekend!

  • Beverly Crawford

    So sad to linger in the pain, eloquently expressed. Time to consider the lessons learned, close the chapter, and move on.

  • confessionsofabratblog

    This line ” I was wounded only one time but contusions spurn to heal
    I’ve been in pain ever since…” so much feel

  • Sangbad

    Completely different one from you…liked it a lot…

  • Frank Hubeny

    I liked the line: “that moment stagnated in time”

  • Mary (tqhousecat)

    I love the use of the sea and waves. I’ve been in pain ever since. I hope its just a poem and not your reality. Masterfully done.

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