Poem: Czar of the Skies!

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  • Gospel Isosceles

    Your last two lines show an optimism I haven’t seen in a very long time:)

    • Feelings and Freedom

      Well I generally try to reflect optimism but yes sometimes I am.not able to do justice 🙂 Thanks for your inputs

  • Victoria C. Slotto

    Beautifully wrought. Though it hurts me to see the predatory behavior of these creatures, they are so awe-inspiring and they have to hunt to survive and feed their young. The circle of life!

    • Feelings and Freedom

      I share the same feelings. No matter they are predators..at the helm of good chain..but they are an inspiration. They never give up. Thanks for reflecting

  • I can just admire such animals, and though I feel for the deer I think the eagle deserves to be fed. A terrific picture to illustrate.

    • Feelings and Freedom

      I agree. I had mixed feelings too. I felt sorry for the deer but yes, eagle has a right to feed itself too ! Thanks for your comment.

  • Frank Hubeny

    If it can take that deer it could probably take me as well.

    • Feelings and Freedom

      I saw some pictures and videos where it actually flew away with a toddler…It was scary..

  • Grace

    That’s a strong and brave bird of prey ~ Good one ~

  • Sarah Russell

    Love your naming the eagle czar of the skies. Fitting tribute.

  • kim881

    Courage, yes, but also so much strength to carry prey that is bigger than the bird! I also love the bird’s pseudonyms: ‘Leopard of the air’ and ‘Czar of the skies’.

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