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  • Akhila

    magical words…liked it..

    • Feelings and Freedom

      Oh. Thank you so much. I have been nominated by another friend too. That’s a great feeling !!

  • Colette B

    Hi, i somehow missed this when you shared link – just happened to read a movie review while browsing! The poem has a nice rhythm in places. couple of stanzas reminded me of friends. But then my reading went wrong and I lost the flow. Then it seemed to remind me of one of those creative writing excercises that get too close to intrusive territory but say that’s ok (but that’s cos I’ve a lingering prompt for homework that feels a bit like that but only cos some studes take it up and think it’s ok to reflect even their own siblings/neighbours private lives and stuff and don’t get it yet!) Sorry if I’m going off topic, hope you don’t mind – and that I’ve not managed to visit again for ages. Love the optimistic push of the poem overall. Cheers 🙂

    • Feelings and Freedom

      Thanks for reading and appreciating Colette. It’s good to know that you stopped by. Hope you are doing great. Have a great year!

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