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  • boundlessblessingsblog

    Awesome words penned and apt with your challenge. All of us going through these phases of life

  • lifelessons

    Yesterday someone railed at me, saying Americans are all guilty of having elected and supported Trump because we are doing nothing to rout him. My reply was that I was fighting him with votes and words. Sometimes the greatest weapons we have.

    • Feelings and Freedom

      How true! People don’t realise the power of pen. As the cliche goes..pen is mightier than sword 🙂 Thanks for reflecting back.

  • Sangbad

    I think you can focus on being a woman you’re strong than on the writer you…and this year’s prompt is an adventure each day…

  • Smitha V

    You brought out the strength of the writer who has no gender, no face very well against the frailty of a woman. As writers, we are definitely strong. But as women at times that strength takes a back seat.

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