NaPoWriMo Day 26: An Epic Simile: Love- a choice?

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  • kim881

    Delightful, Vandana! I like the circularity of your poem and its central crescendo from ‘a gentle breeze that tiptoes the meadows’ to waves that surge.

  • Smitha V

    How tender and romantic, Vandana. I love the last line ‘ Love is not a choice; not anymore,’ and how you repeat the line, ‘Like a gentle breeze that tiptoes the meadows.’ It has such a soft fell to it.

  • Carol anne

    wow! This is so powerful and wow such evocative imagery! xo

  • Arti Jain

    This is so beautiful Vandana. I’m listening to birdsong (it’s early morning here) while reading your lines. Bliss.

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