NaPoWriMo Day 1: A World Draped in Colors

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  • Maz Green

    I like so much about this. The layout, the message… I’m going to step outside, get a bit deranged, be liberated…

    • Feelings and Freedom

      Hey Sang! I’m good. How are you doing? Hope things are good at your end too. Look forward to reading your NaPoWriMo poetry 🙂

      • Sangbad

        I am fine…this year I have started from Early Bird like last year…hope to read your thoughts on this year’s poems

  • Namratha Varadharajan

    Hi Vandana, Glad to see you again in NaPoWriMo. I have read your work in Poets United before. Enjoyed the freshness and the call to loosen up in this piece. See you around in this month of Poetry.

    • Feelings and Freedom

      Hey thanks Namratha! Your feedback is encouraging. See you weaving verses ans congratulations for being featured today ❤️❤️

  • Saumya Seth

    The mere thought of stepping out of this somber garb into an insane intoxicating colourful world has put a smile on my face.
    Thank you for stirring up my soul by your magical words!

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