NaPoWriMo 2019: Day 2: A hundred and one

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  • Maggie C

    Nice. A good reminder to be an active participant in relationships you want to grow.

    • Feelings and Freedom

      Thanks for reading and commenting Maggie. Certain things we take for granted in every relationship and they tend to cost us a lot at times.

    • Feelings and Freedom

      Thanks dear Preeti. We always need to work on our relationships for a happy life, don’t we 🙂

  • Elizabeth

    I loved the flow of this poem and the theme – a reminder to value and nurture our relationships.

  • Feelings and Freedom

    I’m glad you liked it Sunaina. I wish too that there were hundred and one reasons for everyone to be happy all the time 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting.

    • Sunaina

      Yes..I wish the same thing…but sadly we don’t have!!… I liked this post of urs!!. ☺️☺️

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