Love or Lie

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  • Wandering Soul

    So much meaning in such few words . An amazing poem, that describes beautifully the conflict of love and lust, and the pain of a one sided love.

  • feelings161

    Thanks Piyusha. You completely understood the meaning it conveyed. Thanks for your appreciation!!

    • Wandering Soul

      Thanks for sharing this with us. Look forward to more from you .

  • lovehappily

    Meaningful and stylishly rhymed, and above all I loved the poetic intensity.

  • feelings161

    Wanted to portray the mental state of the true lover in a poetic style…hope I was able to do that. Thanks for your comment.

  • Patricia

    Your poem speaks the words that many think. Thank you for sharing with In Other Words.

    • Feelings and Freedom

      Thanks Patricia. Actually your prompt “Exaggeration” was the inspiration behind it 🙂

      • Patricia

        Great! Hope you join the link up again.

  • McGuffy Ann

    I love poetry. There is much feeling here. Well done.

  • S. A. Smith, Author

    Well written. Meatloaf’s Love by the Dashboard Light came into my mind. Do you know the song?

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