Limerick: Fairy Tale

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  • Colette B

    I don’t have time to browse more while here briefly but love a good limerick! It’s a shame rashmi’s challenge finished cos that was a good one, but guess serious writers don’t have time and running events like that takes a lot of committed time! It takes a lot of time just reading other entries and she was very dedicated to responding to people. I was terrible for writing mine on paper and never getting back to post them. This reminded me that I had one for a Cinderella prompt and never entered with it. Sorry i just landed on the top one and happens to be a fave Disney film for most for that nightmare fairytale to remain propelled into contemporary knowledge; loved seeing the still image with it 🙂

    • Feelings and Freedom

      Thanks dear. I miss Rashmi’s challenge too though I didn’t participate in all but tried to do so..

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