The Golden Orb

The Golden Orb

A mandala is a representation of the cosmos in a circular pattern that leads to a central point. The term mandala translates to “circle (mandal)” in Sanskrit. In most cultures, the circle is a symbol of oneness or wholeness, of a new beginning and a state of completion or end.

Persian art, also known as Iranian art, is one of the richest art heritages in the world. Persian motifs are rich in style and color, and carry a unique elegance around them.

This piece of art is an amalgamation of two deep and enriching art forms. Creating a mandala is a journey towards self for me. It helps me introspect and also calms down the chaos and complexity of thoughts in my mind. Creating this mandala with vibrant Persian patterns was a joyful experience for me. The curves and swirls of patterns demanded a lot of focus and attention, helping me sway away from other issues at hand. The golden background amazingly augmented the splendor of colors inside the mandala.
This artwork will bring balance as well as vivacity to your favorite room in the house. 

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