Overlapping Mandalas hold a special place in my heart. The way various mandalas are interconnected is akin to our lives. Each of the interconnected and overlapping pieces of mandala in the artwork is a reminder of the way various aspects of our lives, the multiple roles we play, the relationships we have, and the multitude of tasks we manage are interrelated and complementary, no matter how coherent and distinct they are.

Done in pen and acrylic colours on hight quality paper, I also consider it to symbolize the synchronicity of events in the Universe.

This mandala is as meaningful and intriguing to me as my life. I get lost in its patterns and its interpretation every time I glance at it.

This artwork is for that thoughtful and introspective part of you that gets overlooked in the mundane of life. Isn’t it a great gift for yourself or for that special friend or relation with whom you share a special bond?

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