Mithila paintings mostly depict people and their association with nature and scenes and deities from the ancient epics. Natural objects like the sun, the moon, and religious plants like tulsi are also widely painted.


“Tree of life” depicts the various elements of life in complete harmony. Trees are symbolic of growth, strength, vitality and stability, and give a sense of hope, peace and calmness. Peacocks in Madhubani painting represents divine love, knowledge, prosperity, and romance. The peacocks in this artwork embody fishes to connote acceptance of distinct individuality.


This vibrant Madhubani painting shows the coexistence between “Tree of Life” and fauna. It is a symbolic image that connects life & death, and heaven & earth. The roots of the tree begin underground in the realm of the sea and then traversing through the earth, rise to the sky, with branches twisting and intertwining as they connect to the heavens.


It serves as a constant reminder to us to rise up through the obstacles and challenges of life to find our true purpose in life.
Handmade artwork done using acrylic colours on high quality paper.

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