The Depth of ‘Being’

The Depth of ‘Being’

3D Mandalas are an artistic way of creating an illusion with patterns. The patterns are done in such a manner that it creates a 3D impact.

Creating this artwork is akin to an inward journey as the depth of the patterns instigates you to look inside. It urges me to look within every time I look at it, propelling me to think “Who I am? Where do I wish to go?”

Aren’t we all deeper than what we appear on the surface?

This handmade 3D Mandala, created using high-quality marker pens and then highlighted with red acrylic paint, is a perfect piece to adorn your lounge, the entrance of your home or office, your reading room, or spiritual corner.

This mandala can be customised as per your choice of colors and patterns. You can contact us for customisation.

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