When Fire Spoke to Water

When Fire Spoke to Water

This artwork is the book cover designed for the book “When Fire Spoke to Water” using Magic Realism.

Magical Realism is an art term that was first invented by the German photographer and art critic Franz Roh in 1925. He used this term to describe artworks which merged elements of realism with fantasy. Magic Realism focused less on social critique and more on exploring the weirdness and bizarreness of existence. Often using exquisite detail and strange perspective, the artists conveyed the wonder of reality.

The merging of the present, past and the future, the juxtaposition of dissimilar objects, and the depiction of alienation are just a few ways in which the Magic Realism artists evoke the ambiguity and inscrutability of everyday reality.

The artwork here depicts a woman who is perplexed with her earthly issues and wants to escape the reality of life. She looks up in the hope of some peace and guidance at the moon which is full of life and vigor and is showering his light on her. The presence of Sun is indicative of the presence of omnipresent, omnipotent energy that drives every form of life force.

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