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  • mitadaur

    Good post Vandana. It is really critical to self-retrospect ourselves time and again. It is that quality that will make you grow. And it is a must during our tough times.

    And great observations, I agree with all of them. One more big thing I would like to add to this list is EGO.

    And I could personally relate to this article. I used to get angry often and for every small thing. But I reduced it drastically and I could clearly see a difference it had made in my relationships, career, my reduced stress levels, etc. The bad thing about anger is every single time, after I get angry and reacted, I would think why did I get so angry for this and I shouldn’t have done like that.

    That guilt was a lot to handle and it stressed me a lot. But when I reduced my anger, I could feel more at peace. I had other issues, but those are part and parcel of life which will be aggravated if I got angry.

    Keep writing. I would be waiting for your next post on how to tackle anger.

    • Feelings and Freedom

      Thanks for reading. I am glad you could relate to it. Yes, “ego” is certainly something which distorts our ability to think straight. I too experience guilt after losing my temper and in fact that’s what prompted me to write about it. Thanks for your comment.

  • Wandering Soul

    Great post, V! Analyses anger and its core reasons very well. Although I’d go with Hormones for my short-temperedness 😛 😀

  • Limitless108

    Nice Article. Like how you broke down the origins of anger into 7 areas; it almost seems to rationalise Mr anger and take the wind out of his sails! Also like the practical application to daily life.

    I find that perfectionism can lead to anger. Also not being happy/ content within can cause one to play the blame game and anger comes up. Truly happy and loving people are never angry.

    However there is a benefit to having controlled anger in certain circumstances e.g. fighting against injustices; however the the resultant action must not come from an egotistic perspective or from the anger rather it should come from a perspective of ‘doing what is right’ and using the anger energy productively. Something I am working on doing!

    I find it really funny how culturally it is sometimes seen as a strong/cool trait i.e. being the strong angry commanding person….. but this is rubbish!

    • Feelings and Freedom

      I agree. Perfectionism leads to dissatisfaction thereby making the person angry. Channelising anger is a little tricky but something to work upon. Thanks for reading and commenting. I really appreciate it!

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