Can we stop judging a woman’s morality?

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  • boundlessblessingsblog

    A very great read, Vandana but dont some women fall into this very trap and a mother will surely know how she would feel if her children behaved like this. It is very sad but life and its circumstances do not leave anyone. Great post.

    • Feelings and Freedom

      I know…It is indeed quite a sad tale but that’s how life is..highs and lows…Thanks for you words Kamal 🙂

      • boundlessblessingsblog

        Yes absolutely true Vandana and life is like that ups and downs in each and everyone’s lives. Welcome dear.

  • Reena Saxena

    It is the lack of sharing that created problems here, not a lack of values. Supriya is at a vulnerable stage in life. She is lucky that Anant is a sensitive man, and did not take advantage of her, which somebody else could have. The story smacks of ‘Lamhe’, except that the mother is alive in this case.

    • Feelings and Freedom

      The fact that mother is a alive is a big differentiator ‘coz the tussle here is between mother and daughter. Thanks for your insight.

  • radhikasreflection

    We cannot judge anyone here as each one is a victim of circumstances. Looking back, all I feel is probably Megha could have spoken to her mother in private before accusing her in public.

    • Feelings and Freedom

      Control over emotions is something we all must learn. And yes, everyone here is a victim of circumstances. Thanks for your views Radhika.

  • Siddhartha Dua

    Thought provoking, I feel it is amateurish on part of Surpriya to confront her mother but she was also lured into this factitious predicament by Anant who was is the villain in this story. For a mature man like Ananat it would not have been difficult to gauge whether Supriya sees him as a father or as a beloved.

    • Feelings and Freedom

      I think it’s each one’s perspective. Everyone handles the situation differently, that’s what makes us unique human beings. While confronting your parents publicly is certainly not sane, it’s more to do with the fact that how well you are able to handle your emotions and reactions. Thanks for your comment Siddhartha. I appreciate your outlook.

  • mitadaur

    Aah such a sad post. Whatever happened was really bad. I really can’t judge whose wrong or right especially in matters of love. But one thing is quite sure, no matter what, “Whatever rift is within the family, should stay within the family.”

    I could answer a few of those questions as I have been personally been in few situations having been brought up by a single mother.

    Was she right in spending her life alone rather than remarrying?

    Megha was right in thinking about her daughter first rather than remarrying. Reason is my mom had shared this that it’s difficult for a step father to treat step son or step daughter in the same league as son or daughter. My mom even shared that, if I were a girl, things would have been rather worse. There is a chance of step father even sexually abusing the child. At that point, I wasn’t aware of this world that much. But when I grew up, I could see that, it was a risk indeed. No matter, how much good happens in this world, evil is still present.

    But maybe, one thing she hadn’t done enough was probably letting her child know how much she had sacrificed.

    From Supriya’s point of view, I don’t think we can blame her for falling in love with someone, no matter his age. Also, there could have been this loneliness that was missing in the absence of her father. Human mind is very complex and we can’t judge what would have gone through her mind. Maybe, after a few years, if she thinks about all these, it might sound even stupid to her.

    To conclude, it gives no right for anyone to judge about any woman or man for that matter, as each situation and each individual is different and behave differently to different situations.

    I pray for the family to sort out all their differences and come out of this problem with flying colours.

  • Feelings and Freedom

    I agree Smitha. Our thoughts and actions are constantly guided by circumstances and to judge right or wrong in anyone’s life isn’t a good thing. Thanks for years your insight and comment Smitha. Have a great day!

  • Smitha V

    You too my dear. Have a great day!

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